#387 Create Change Once and For All ~ Celestial Oracle Monday 22nd  - Sunday 28th November 2021

#387 Create Change Once and For All ~ Celestial Oracle Monday 22nd - Sunday 28th November 2021

Celestial Oracle
Riding the Cosmic Tides of Power

Getting to the root cause

The 2nd mansion of life is the area of life that focuses on personal resources, finances and your sense of worth or value. Talents used wisely can bring the opportunity for growth and expansion in all areas of life, especially finances. But there may need to be some inner work done first. The practicality of using your talents to earn a living may feel sensitive or emotional at some level, if there are still unresolved issues around it. You can make progress by getting to the root cause of the discomfort.


The door to wealth and prosperity

Focus on discovering how you can put what you presently have and own to best use. The zodiacal sign Sagittarius brings the potential for growth in this area of life, but if you stay focused on what has not worked in the past, it will not be of any benefit. Embrace the spirit of adventure. Use the following spiritual affirmation to support you this week:

“I open the door to wealth and prosperity.

I make use of my talents, foresight and clarity.

I know the choices I make can change my lot.

With a spirit of adventure I am more than I thought.”


Creating change once and for all

The Moon is associated with the subconscious and unconscious mind which holds your invisible emotional patterns, ingrained habits and default settings or reactions. If you are feeling ‘stuck’ in negative patterns or cycles, now is the time to create change. When the influence of the Moon brings hidden feelings and emotions up to the surface, it gives you an opportunity to cut to the chase and address unresolved emotions. Addressing your emotions, not supressing them, is what can create change once and for all.



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Share your comments below. I’m interested to hear how this Celestial Oracle is helping you to create the right focus for the week.


Have a truly magical week!

In L.V.X.

Light in Extension


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