#371 Following Your Own Direction ~ Celestial Oracle Monday 2nd – Sunday 8th August 2021

#371 Following Your Own Direction ~ Celestial Oracle Monday 2nd – Sunday 8th August 2021

Celestial Oracle
Riding the Cosmic Tides of Power

Avoiding frustration and anger

Cosmic fire and heat flows through this week bringing the drive to act and make things happen quickly. If this stimulating and action-seeking energy is used rashly or unwisely, it can lead to inner frustration or even anger. This can reveal to you where you may be having a tendency to get caught up in the doing of things as a means to avoid addressing deeper personal insecurities. Before reacting or rushing into things, just check in with yourself: Is this an expression of stress, anxiety or inner insecurity?


Following your own direction

It is a real art and skill to always see a situation and your actions from a multi-dimensional perspective, and not just from the perspective of your physical self with its likes, dislikes, preferences, fears and insecurities that can lead you astray. You can use the following spiritual affirmation to support you this week:

“I see life from all perspectives,

yet, I follow my own direction.

I am aware of the inner fire within me

I know I am free to be all I can be.”


Vision for the greater whole

The zodiacal sign of Aquarius with keywords ‘individuality’ and ‘humanitarian’ brings a seemingly dualistic energy. In the ancient alchemical tradition it was well understood that to be truly of service to others, one must be able to think freely. To be able to think freely one must become individuated. The alchemists of old worked on their own consciousness to free themselves from the shackles of mass consciousness. This enabled them to link in with the universal vision that was not for the self, but for the greater whole.



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Share your comments below. I’m interested to hear how this Celestial Oracle is helping you to create the right focus for the week.

Have a truly magical week!


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