#368 Opening The Portal to True Wealth and Abundance ~ Celestial Oracle Monday 12th – Sunday 18th July 2021

#368 Opening The Portal to True Wealth and Abundance ~ Celestial Oracle Monday 12th – Sunday 18th July 2021

Celestial Oracle
Riding the Cosmic Tides of Power

Physical and material security

The focus remains on the 2nd mansion of life this week, the realm of physical and material security. The bright light of the Sun is shining on this domain of life to bring your attention to the relationship you have to the material world. Is it positive? Or is it negative? Does it feel empowering or disempowering? Is it free flowing or is it blocked? Take a few moments to journal, inquire, meditate or contemplate on your current relationship to this area of life. If it is not quite what you would like it to be, make sure to create an image of your ideal relationship in your mind.


The portal to true wealth and abundance

The Sun is the source of light. In the zodiacal sign Leo the Sun brings dynamic spontaneity and liveliness to the week. It enhances the drive to create, be playful, enjoy each moment and stay true to yourself. Your connection to your inner Sun, your soul opens the portal to true wealth and abundance. You can use the following spiritual affirmation to support you:


“I radiate, create and shine
upon the stage of life.
I am a spark of Greater light,
a playful spirit with a lion heart.”


Possessions, security and money

For the modern day alchemist the challenge is to be in perfect relationship or alignment as they engage with and seek to master the matters and activities associated with the 2nd mansion of life – experiences related to possessions, security and money. Celestial Healing Affirmation of the 2nd Mansion of Life* says: “My focus is physical and material security. This is the realm of resources, spending habits and finances and your relationship to the material world. I express power, potential and gifts of the 2nd mansion of life and invite you to be fully present in this area of your life.”

* Extract from my book Eighth Ray Magic – The Magic of the Goddess – The Magic of Co-Creation



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Share your comments below. I’m interested to hear how this Celestial Oracle is helping you to create the right focus for the week.

Have a truly magical week!


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