#366 Walking Your Unique Path ~ Celestial Oracle Monday 28th – Sunday 4th July 2021

#366 Walking Your Unique Path ~ Celestial Oracle Monday 28th – Sunday 4th July 2021

Celestial Oracle
Riding the Cosmic Tides of Power

What Brings Meaning to Your Life

The cosmic energies are focused in the 9th mansion of life again this week, and continue a theme that has been consistently in place through the first half of this year. 2021 has been and continues to be a very important year for finding what brings meaning to your life, learning your life lessons and moving forward with a greater sense of purpose. Do not allow your emotional comforts or fears to deter you from your true path in life.


The Power of the Feminine

With the Moon on the cards this week, you may feel pulled towards old emotional or physical habits seeking comfort and security outside of yourself. The Moon represents the power of the feminine. It rules the tides and the emotions. You can use the following spiritual affirmation to support you this week:

“I embrace my inner feminine power,
like the Moon in the night sky
I continually wax and wane,
as I dance to the rhythm of life.”


Walking Your Unique Path

In the alchemical tradition, transmuting patterns of mental instability and hyperactivity that generate restlessness, nervousness and problematic stress enable a person to develop the ability to connect with their superconscious mind or higher self. The Celestial Healing Affirmation of Gemini* says:

“I express communicatively. I am adaptable and understanding. I embrace a world of duality,
keeping the relationship with life fluid. Learning from the environment around me leads to
conscious awareness and developing the power of the mind.”


Use the fluid energies of the zodiacal sign Gemini to develop greater capacity for open-mindedness and flexibility in your life so you can walk your unique path with clarity and confidence.

* Extract from Eighth Ray Magic – The Magic of the Goddess – The Magic of Co-Creation book written by Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber



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Share your comments below. I’m interested to hear how this Celestial Oracle is helping you to create the right focus for the week.

Have a truly magical week!


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