#354 Good Fortune and Joy ~ Celestial Oracle Monday 5th – Sunday 11th April 2021

#354 Good Fortune and Joy ~ Celestial Oracle Monday 5th – Sunday 11th April 2021

Celestial Oracle
Riding the Cosmic Tides of Power

Increased Hope and Optimism 

The planet Jupiter in the 11th mansion of life brings the potential for increased hope and optimism yet the illusion of deserving an overly comfortable life without doing much at all may impede your progress. Do not fall into the trap of expecting things to work out by themselves without any personal effort. If you adopt a casual approach and expect life to bring you all you need, then it becomes difficult to become the master of your destiny and not end up being the victim of fate.


Do Not Be Afraid to Stand Out

The 11th mansion of life this week brings awareness to the networks of people you are part of, what these groups or networks stand for and whether they are right for you. You may need to let go of some connections that no longer align with your aspirations. Surround yourself with people who share the same vision as you and do not be afraid to stand out and take a leadership role in helping to solve problems and achieve common objectives. The dynamic, cheerful and generous energy of the zodiacal sign Leo can help you engage with others from your heart centre, collaborate and come up with new creative ideas for the benefit of the greater whole. You can use the following spiritual affirmation to support you:

‘I stay true to my vision
I connect with others from my heart centre and
work collaboratively to help achieve a common goal.’


Good Fortune and Joy  

The planet Jupiter signals the drive to experience growth and new awareness. The celestial healing affirmation of Jupiter* says:

“I am the drive to seek and expand in all directions
so that a broader vision of reality awakens.
Whatever I touch creates, expands and invites opportunities
bringing the promise of good fortune and joy.”

An alchemist works with the powers of Jupiter as a powerful ally to consciously introduce the principles of expansion and higher consciousness into life. The objective of an alchemist is to master and be in perfect relationship with the Jupiterian principle, or the inner Jupiter, – one’s search for meaning and truth, sense of adventure and growth within their holistic self.


* Extract from Eighth Ray Magic – The Magic of the Goddess – The Magic of Co-Creation Book written by Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber




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Share your comments below. I’m interested to hear how this Celestial Oracle is helping you to create the right focus for the week.

Have a truly magical week!


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