You have to find and live your own
divine dream, you cannot find
or live someone else's.
Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

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"This Report is so Valuable"

“Thank you so much for this valuable gift of the Solar Return Report. I ordered one for my current year and had read it for the first time within a few days of receiving it. I am about to read through it for the second time, more slowly, and make a couple of notes of what to keep an eye on.

So far, it makes so much sense and gives reason to certain urges and inner promptings I have felt building all year - even before my birthday. This report is so valuable. I have already recommended it to others, and if I could find a way of putting it without sounding too "alternative" I would recommend it to everyone! My heartfelt thanks.”

Mia Stevenson, Auckland, New Zealand


"Unbelievably Accurate"

“I have received the report, and read it several times already. Each time, of course, I pick up on something else. I studied astrology, and how to create a natal chart many decades ago; and have always "believed" in its relevance. This report is unbelievably accurate; and has given me some insight as to where to go from here. So, thanks once again.”

Geoff Harnden, Auckland, New Zealand


"As a Mum I Instantly Found it Empowering"

It was riveting to read about the year ahead for my three teenage children. As a mum I instantly found it empowering to be able to have the gift of foresight. I noticed that I started to feel more relaxed about their different situations, knowing they were perfectly in alignment with their own individual soul’s journey. To know and understand what the main themes of the coming year are for them is priceless. Within 24 hours of reading the reports, I noticed the knowledge has already shaped the focus and words I have used with each of them on various subjects.”

Kim Ahrens, Texas, USA


"A Sacred Gift to Yourself"

“I recently had the privilege of experiencing a one to one, private session with Franchelle, and am moved to share the following...

I found Franchelle's reading for me, which was mainly based around my astrological chart that she had compiled prior to my arrival, to be highly revealing and informative. In that short space of time, she highlighted and shed light on two major areas of my life's journey that gave me totally credible keys to doors that had previously remained closed to me.

Her clarity, compassionate understanding and wisdom made my time with her a precious gift of nurturing to my personal journey and quest. With loving and respectful awareness, I would seriously recommend you give her work serious consideration as a sacred gift to yourself.”

Robert James Haywood, Music Medicine Man, Author, Animal Wisdom Sensitive, International Workshop Facilitator


"6 Figure Business in Record Time"

“I have had the honor of receiving combined astrology readings and spiritual guidance from Franchelle since I was 25. I experienced surprising and life altering results - for example when I was financially struggling and directionless in my career she told me to go into business, which I did and was able to create a 6-figure business in a highly competitive field in record time.

Previously I had no desire to be an entrepreneur but now I train other people to create thriving businesses as well and I love it. My inner life has also flourished - I feel mentally, emotionally and spiritually cleansed and revived and fully capable of meeting whatever challenge life presents with love and awareness.

I highly recommend Franchelle's work for any challenges you may be facing or for new levels of clarity even if you're life feels totally on track!”

— Kylie Slavik, Co-founder of ThirdEyeSpoken, USA




"Pin Point Accuracy"

“I am forever grateful for the depth of understanding Franchelle gave me about myself at a personal and soul level during my Life Contract appointment. She has helped me gain valuable insight into my unique gifts, how to work with them and stand in my own power. I highly recommend seeing Franchelle to anyone who is looking to gain further insight into any aspect of their personal or spiritual life.

Thank you so much Franchelle for your pin point accuracy and compassionate delivery of all messages, I look forward to working with you again.”

— Caitlin du Preez, Founder of Sunday Soul Sessions, Auckland, New Zealand


"The Most Informative 1.5 Hours Of My Life"

“Respect and gratitude to you for this mornings Life Contract session. It was the most personally informative 1.5 hours of my life, and the focuses I now have for going forward, sit very well in my heart.

I feel liberated, exhilarated and deeply upset all at the same time ... and so something truly fabulous is cooking in the kitchen!! I am up for it all. I'm feeling so very in my power today - with a-ha's coming left right and centre. I am Warrior Woman, and I choose to talk and walk in Truth. I'm quite sure I'll be in contact again in the new year - I really enjoyed the power of the collaboration with you. It is time to spread my eagle wings.”

— Cat Neale, New Plymouth, New Zealand


"It Gave Me Many Answers To My Journey"

“Franchelle, Thank you, it was wonderful to meet up with you on Thursday am, the session with you was SO much appreciated and gave me many answers to my journey!!!! Those cards that came up were amazing too, I will remember them the next time I get Too Emotional!!!!

Now I am going to save up and curiosity wants me to learn about some of my past lives!!!! I will see you again.”

— Eileen Slark, New Zealand.


"Deep Empowering Epiphany"

“At a pivotal point in my life of completion and new beginnings, the Life Contract Session with Franchelle has given me real information of what I need to focus on now to grow, evolve, and importantly achieve. I intuitively knew some areas, but not all.

Importantly, Franchelle opened these areas of focus up to a whole new level of possible achievement that I was not aware of. This is priceless information.

Additionally, Franchelle highlighted an area of life that is/was an issue from a very different perceptive and how this impacts on me. After reflection and re-listening to the taped session I had a deep empowering epiphany. I got it, and to quote Franchelle, "real shifts in consciousness happen when we get it". When we are doing what we are here to do, we have purpose, life flows and each day is more magical. What a gift to give to yourself! Thank you Franchelle, thank you .”

— Kim Ahrens, Paris, France.




"Achieving My Career Aspiration"

“I have been very fortunate to have had readings with Franchelle on a regular basis for more than 15 years. During this time Franchelle has been a consistent source of inspiration and wisdom, providing me with guidance to enable positive outcomes to situations.

Franchelle has had a positive influence on my life which has enabled me the confidence to grow as a person and achieve my career aspirations. During this time I have lived in countries such as Sri Lanka, China and Australia. With this in mind I would highly recommend a reading with Franchelle. Thank you for all your support over the years which has been greatly appreciated Franchelle.”

— Belinda Bealing,  Melbourne, Australia


"So Magical and Fun I Didn't Want it to End!"

My Oracle Reading with Franchelle was so magical and fun that I didn’t want it to end! The Fairy Oracle of the Patupaiarehe is truly divine, and Franchelle's innate wisdom is infused with a wonderful sense of joy — I came away feeling inspired and empowered with valuable insights for the year ahead.

— Suzanne Day, New Zealand


"Wonderful Reading"

“Thank you Franchelle for a wonderful reading! All the way across the world. Xx”

— Sarah Simonis, USA




"Expect the Unexpected!"

“I recently had the 2nd of five 'Roadmap to Success' appointments and was anticipating being guided to the next step in my life. Oh such a lesson in not having expectations. The session quickly took on a most unexpected turn and I was given the opportunity to work not only with my immediate future but with my subsequent lifetimes too! Oh my! What can I say? Certainly to expect the unexpected as Franchelle expertly fossicks out exactly what the real issue is and gives gentle encouragement to find a way through the maze of possibilities until a clear goal is in sight.

I felt supported and nurtured, as the extent of the issue became clear, and apprehension turned to delight as I saw what could be achieved with effort on my part and appropriate essences prescribed by Franchelle. I certainly could not have imagined where my Roadmap was going to lead me and am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to work on such a personal level with this esteemed Medicine Woman, Shaman, Astrologer.

I dare not imagine where my next three sessions might lead me, but I know it will be life changing and achievable. How grateful I am to have discovered this incomparable opportunity for growth and development.”

— Mary Lowe,  Tauranga, New Zealand


"I Am Now Embracing New Potentials and Possibilities"

“How is it that I've reached the age of 45 and really had no idea of what it is that I have come here to do? Working with Franchelle and her Road Map to Success has revealed my true path with surety. With fundamental insights and very grounded practical steps, I am now able to stand in my place of power with ease and be in alignment with my souls purpose, armed with information, resources and Power (with a capital P).

In these sessions there is so much more 'going on' that it may appear. There is an exchange of love, respect and truth that underlies the communications, and this energy continues to build and fizz with intensity and excitement. My old world has been left behind and I am now embracing new potentials and possibilities with inspiration, knowing I have been enlightened into my life. I honour Franchelle's wisdom, integrity, her 'go to spirit' and love. I am proud to have her as a mentor and look forward to continuing our readings together.”

— Tania Vinson, New Zealand




"So Personal and So Accurate"

“I had the pleasure of having an Into The Mystery reading with Franchelle. I received so much clarification and much needed advice. Franchelle is amazing and the reading was so personal and so accurate as to who I am on all levels.

I felt so empowered after the reading and I am looking forward to putting Franchelle's advice in place. Thank you so much. ”

— Jeni Kearns,  Taranaki, New Zealand


"I Absolutely Love It"

“I absolutely loved it. Armed with an abundance of questions, Franchelle focused on the most important one for this time. It was a warm, insightful, informative, and delightful hour. I would highly recommend.”

— Helen Francis,  Christchurch, New Zealand


"I Am Enjoying My Remedy"

“Thank you for my Skype reading and my flower essences. Great session, I found it really helpful and I love taking my personalised essences. I can relate to the lessons and issues that my constitutional blend is to help with. I'm enjoying my remedy! It is helping me.”

— Helen McDonald,  UK




"I Can See the Karmic Patterns More Clearly"

"Thank you for the consultation yesterday, Franchelle. It has enabled me to see the repetitive karmic patterns in my family much more clearly, and armed me with the confidence to be my own pattern-holder. I am beginning to feel an inner truth emerging, of a way I can 'make peace' without fixing others. It is painful and beautiful at the same time."

— F G, Auckland, New Zealand


"Thank you so much"

“Thank you so much for all that you are. It is such a pleasure (I'm expressing my gratitude of pleasure which I feel will help with my relationship with pain)... to have you in my life.”

— Kama Brown


"Proud Owner of a New Apartment!"

“I am the proud owner of my new apartment! The settlement went through smoothly this afternoon. I cannot take the smile off my face!

Thank you for all your encouragement and support – you helped me to be brave & proceed based on keeping my old apartment and purchasing the new one.

Thank you. ”

— Belinda Bealing,  Melbourne, Australia


"Sacred Teachings Have Changed My Life Forever"

“From the depths of my soul to the highest places of my spirit, I am eternally grateful for you Franchelle…The many, many gifts I received, the sacred teachings – have changed my Life forever in ways it would take many words to convey….Put simply, I am home again.  Thank you great Medicine Woman. ”

— Jacinta Lawrence,  New Plymouth, New Zealand


"Guidance Is Indispensable"

“I am ever thankful to know you as one of my spiritual mothers. Your guidance is indeed indispensable to me.”

— Schirin Chams-Diba, U.S.A.




"Magic Throughout My Whole Being"

“Thank you for your presence in my life.

My wairua heard the understandings contained within your letter long before my eyes received it today, and I've had a week of peaceful realisations and calibrations. Hearing of my connection to Whale has sent a spark of magic throughout my whole being. I am so grateful to now work consciously with this ally.

Expressing also my gratitude for the remedy you have selected. I love the potentials contained within.”

— Cat