You have to find and live your own
divine dream, you cannot find
or live someone else's.
Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

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Roadmap to Success


I recently had the 2nd of five 'Roadmap to Success' appointments and was anticipating being guided to the next step in my life. Oh such a lesson in not having expectations. The session quickly took on a most unexpected turn and I was given the opportunity to work not only with my immediate future but with my subsequent lifetimes too! Oh my! What can I say? Certainly to expect the unexpected as Franchelle expertly fossicks out exactly what the real issue is and gives gentle encouragement to find a way through the maze of possibilities until a clear goal is in sight. I felt supported and nurtured, as the extent of the issue became clear, and apprehension turned to delight as I saw what could be achieved with effort on my part and appropriate essences prescribed by Franchelle. I certainly could not have imagined where my Roadmap was going to lead me and am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to work on such a personal level with this esteemed Medicine Woman, Shaman, Astrologer.

- Mary Lowe, New Zealand

How is it that I've reached the age of 45 and really had no idea of what it is that I have come here to do? Working with Franchelle and her Road Map to Success has revealed my true path with surety. With fundamental insights and very grounded practical steps, I am now able to stand in my place of power with ease and be in alignment with my souls purpose, armed with information, resources and Power (with a capital P). In these sessions there is so much more 'going on' that it may appear. There is an exchange of love, respect and truth that underlies the communications, and this energy continues to build and fizz with intensity and excitement. My old world has been left behind and I am now embracing new potentials and possibilities with inspiration, knowing I have been enlightened into my life.

- Tania Vinson, New Zealand

Roadmap To Success

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5 sessions x 60 minutes (monthly)
In person or via Skype
Fully Mentored Personal Journey

Embark upon an exciting life transforming journey. Step into your destiny and follow your star. Benefit from a powerful personalised coaching program where Franchelle will utilise a broad spectrum of multi-dimensional holistic techniques to help you fulfill your deepest dreams and desires.

Delve Deeper Into the Mystery of You

Throughout this program you will be stepped through your own roadmap to success. You will be guided and supported to make deep changes in your life to fully align yourself emotionally, mentally and spiritually to the work you’ve come here to do.

In the five sessions you will be given the insight and the tools to activate your own inner powerhouse that will propel you forward to the life of your dreams.

You will be equipped and empowered to fast track your way to personal fulfillment, empowerment and success.

Expect to move forward into new unexplored levels of being by learning to work with the forces of the Universe and the gifts of Nature.

Want more? You may like to consider the ultimate ten session package Walk of Destiny.

Also includes complimentary:

•  A First Light® New Zealand native flower essence blend will be specifically created for you during this session to support physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance.

Booking: Please use the calendar below to book your first session. Once we receive your order, our office will be in touch with you to book your remaining appointments. Recommended frequency is monthly, subject to availability. From time to time Franchelle may suggest a different frequency for your appointments.

Please Note:

Appointments start and finish on time. Please read the Appointment policy

Due to high demand, you may not be able to have an appointment with Franchelle immediately. Please use the calendar below to secure the closest available appointment. If required, you can request an earlier appointment by emailing If there is an appointment cancellation we will get in touch with you.

For pressing support, you can order a custom made flower essence blend thatwill be personally selected for you by Franchelle based on your astrological chart and/or your situation. Click here to submit a brief summary and order your custom blend.


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