You have to find and live your own
divine dream, you cannot find
or live someone else's.
Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

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No 10 Friendship Spell

No 10 Friendship Plant Spell - Te Hohou Hoa

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Use when you are seeking or need assistance from others or to attract the right person for any type of relationship including partnership, business, work or teams. 

This plant spell aids social interaction, integration and friendship between people to ensure friendship is made and maintained.

This natural New Zealand native plant remedy helps you to be flexible and adaptable and to make the necessary adjustments in a relationship.

Magical Use:

  • to enhance friendships and social skills
  • enhance the capacity for teamwork, loyalty and trust
  • to support the emotional and mental connection necessary for working together for a common goal

Nature’s magical ingredients include pure New Zealand native flower and plant essences of:

  • Patotara
  • Fairy Bouquet Orchid
  • Kohuhu

Maori Lore: Maori tohunga understood each individual New Zealand native plant brought its own healing and magical gifts.

Box contents: 20ml Oral Plant Spell Spray and magical keepsake with unique blessing in Maori and English.


"The No 10 Friendship Spell was a surprise birthday gift from a dear friend. She told me that this was the one for me, despite my logical mind wondering why? Within days, people were drawn to me magnetically and everyone everywhere was being extraordinarily kind and helpful. The utilities company waived overdue fees, even shop assistants wanted to befriend me. One day a very elderly Australian man who could hardly walk, suddenly got out of his rental car and hobbled hurriedly down the street to talk with me. As we were chatting, an American lady crossed the road, bypassing her travelling companions, just so she could join in. It was like moths being drawn to the flame, people stopped to see what the attraction was all about! What a beautiful gift to receive, the hand of friendship, helpfulness and kindness wherever you are. Thank you Friendship Spell."

- Adrienne Bullock, Taupo, New Zealand