You have to find and live your own
divine dream, you cannot find
or live someone else's.
Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

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Plant Potions

Plant Potions

Liquid spiritual energy made from First Light® essences to uplift and transform. Use when you wish to connect to your own inner wisdom, tap into the power of your authentic self and experience magical inner shifts.

The Gifts of Nature

Exquisitely made and magically enchanted, Franchelle’s magical Plant Potions© contain the finest vibrations from specially selected New Zealand native plants of a very high order. Carrying within the spirit of Aotearoa, they contain the infinite intelligence of nature and the magical powers of the universe.

Constitutional Potion© - To give yourself a gift of nurturing. Use daily to restore and reconnect to yourself.

Child of the Stars Potion© - To restore and receive sustenance from the place of your origins - the stars;.

Life Purpose Potion© - To work with the power of your soul. Use as needed and watch the magic unfold.

Solar Return Constitutional Potion© - To work with the powerful cycle of the sun and planets in your solar return report. Use as often as needed throughout the year.

Talisman of Power Potion© - To connect to the magical power of your name. Your name carries within it hidden latent powers that can be unlocked. Can be used as a gift to empower others.

Te Wheke Potion© - To nurture all aspects of your holistic self and support total wellbeing.

Self-Selection Potion© - Create your own or reorder a personalised magical potion you have received before. Use as often and as long as required.

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