You have to find and live your own
divine dream, you cannot find
or live someone else's.
Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

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I felt I am standing for the sacred

"When I wore the Octopus Clear Quartz amulet for the first time I felt a connection with One tribe. It was a sense of purpose, and responsibility for service. I felt I am standing for the Sacred. The amethyst eyes of the Octopus amulet feel charged with divine light which is forever powerful. Whenever I am wearing this amulet, I feel it resonates with my heart. Its vibration eliminates all and everything that doesn’t serve the highest intention to 'purpose good' and to keep pure in heart. It makes me feel aligned and strong instantly. It makes me feel I have come home and be one with an ancient healing power."

Sumi Asano, Energy Healer and Flower Essence Practitioner, Whitianga, New Zealand

A feeling of complete peace

"When I first put on my Octopus Clear Quartz Amulet I felt a strong sense of 'coming home', a feeling of complete peace and an enormous sense of inner fortitude and protection. When I wear it, I feel a strong grounded sense of my divine self. It assists me to step more into a space of neutrality and strength where I can play my part to ‘purpose good.’ It connects me with my powerful inner creatrix, a feeling I remember from times past! It lovingly assists me to carry out my part in the collective work that is needed in this pivotal time in which we have stepped into."

Nikki Goldsworthy, Holistic Wellbeing Practitioner, Auckland, New Zealand

To feel such beauty, power and magic was overwhelming

"It was jolly exciting to receive and open my taonga, the day it arrived from Aotearoa, New Zealand. My first thoughts were ‘this is real’, very much real. To see, touch and feel such beauty, power and magic was overwhelming yet calming to my senses, those ‘many arms I have seen in my dreaming time’ I now hold in my hands is here with me, for me.

Wearing my Te Wheke Clear Quartz Amulet and taking it out into my physical world has been an experience of compliments, stares and a whole lot of questions. I would smile or say ‘thank you’. Going through immigration custom airports domestic and overseas is more relaxing now that I have a trusted and loving ‘best friend’. I wear it with aroha, I wear it with respect, I wear it cause I know it is what it is my strength. And so my story continues today and all the tomorrows."

Elaine Scoon, Liberated Grandmother, Perth, Australia

Octopus Clear Quartz Sword of the Goddess - Amethyst Eyes

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Medicine Woman 8th ray ritual amulet with beautiful terminated clear quartz crystal and held by Te Wheke the octopus which has been hand crafted from sterling silver. The eyes of the octopus are made from beautiful amethyst crystals. Each piece is individually empowered and inspirited by Master Shamaness and High Priestess of the ancient people Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber to ensure your magical ritual item is of the highest integrity and fit for sacred purpose.

The eyes of the Octopus Ritual Amulet are made from amethyst crystals that have special meaning and significance.


Crystalline quartz of violet and purple hue. Links in with the power and wisdom of the Ritual Magicians of the past. The ability to take responsibility and act accordingly.


Amulet: 90mm x 25mm x 25mm Length x Width x Depth
Silver Chain: (adjustable) 75cm (long) and 45cm (short)


This magical amulet comes with its own card showing a declaration of authenticity. It is a magical ritual item of the highest integrity that has been empowered and inspirited by Master Shamaness and High Priestess of the ancient people Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber and will be recorded and numbered on a special database.

Specially created for those wanting to follow the path of the ritual magician working with 8th Ray Ritual Magic® to 'purpose good'.