You have to find and live your own
divine dream, you cannot find
or live someone else's.
Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

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Success oil

Success Oil - Mutunga Pai

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Keyword: Reaching for the Stars

Use the Success Oil to attract success and to help you attain or achieve your goals.  Use when you wish to find new solutions to old problems and when you want to increase the potential for a successful outcome.

Use Success Oil to feel success is within reach. Ideal when wanting to bring a project to completion or find a solution.

How to use magical anointing oils:

  • Anoint your hands or wrists, rub together, inhale deeply to move into a desired state of mind
  • Anoint candles for a ritual, ceremony or to create a special atmosphere
  • Wear as perfume daily or anytime you wish to align with desired qualities