You have to find and live your own
divine dream, you cannot find
or live someone else's.
Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

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Magical Oils

Magically Empowered Fragrant Oils

In the ancient earth wisdom and magical traditions, oils were made from a special combination of plants that had magical powers. Magical oils were used to assist a person to move into the right state of mind and align with chosen qualities for a specific outcome or purpose.

The Medicine Woman magical oils are made in the ancient sacred traditions with New Zealand native plants and sacred karakia (prayer) that have been used for 1000's of years.

Use magical oils to create a magical atmosphere to get in the right mindset and activate powerful magical energies to assist you.

Made in New Zealand - 100% Natural

How To Use Magical Oils

The Medicine Woman Magical Anointing Oils© can be easily and safely used in any environment. Simply put the oil on your hands or wrists, rub them together and inhale.

  • • Anoint your hands or wrists, rub together, inhale deeply to move into a desired state of mind
  • • Anoint candles for a ritual, ceremony or to create a special atmosphere
  • • Wear as perfume daily or anytime you wish to align with desired qualities

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  1. Success oil

    Success Oil - Mutunga Pai

    Keyword: Reaching for the Stars

    Use the Success Oil to attract success and to help you attain or achieve your goals.  Use when you wish to find new solutions to old problems and when you want to increase the potential for a successful outcome.

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  2. Love oil

    Love Oil - Aroha

    Keyword: Awaken the Power of Love

    Use the Love Oil to help you facilitate the joining or uniting of things that are meant to come together.  It enhances sexual energies and supports sacred commitments.  

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  3. Good Luck oil

    Good Luck Oil - Mana Hapai

    Keyword: Invoke Good Fortune

    Use the Good Luck Oil when you wish to invite a change of luck and resolve blockages swiftly.  It helps to dispel resistance and works to align you with the vibration of good fortune.

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  4. Fresh Start Oil

    Fresh Start Oil - Hikoi Hou

    Keyword: Embrace a New Beginning

    Use the Fresh Start Oil to help you end outworn situations and to welcome a bold change.  Use to become aware of opportunities for growth or when you find yourself at a crossroads.

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  5. Fascination oil

    Fascination Oil - Taonga Huna Whakahirahira

    Keyword: Awaken to Magic and Mystery

    Use the Fascination Oil to enhance your natural charm, fascinate, intrigue, attract, captivate and enchant. Helps you move into a timeless magical space where the power and mystery of the unknown can unfold and anything can happen.

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  6. Empowerment oil

    Empowerment Oil - Whakamanatanga

    Keyword: Empower and Uplift

    Use the Empowerment Oil to increase your confidence and personal motivation.  It can fire up your enthusiasm and 'inner fire'.  Use when you are ready to 'make things happen'.

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  7. Divination oil

    Divination Oil - Te Pumanawatanga

    Keyword: Magical Insight, Guidance, Inspiration and Wisdom 

    Use the Divination Oil to enhance your psychic abilities. Helps to strengthen your connection to the highest spiritual forces and to facilitate powerful divination readings for yourself and others.

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  8. Blessing Oil

    Blessing Oil - Manaakitanga

    Keyword: Bless and Consecrate

    Use the Blessing Oil to attract the blessings and divine protection of nature and the Mother energy. Enhances your connection to the divine forces working in your life and to awaken the potential you have within. Helps bring a sense of ease and comfort in times of sorrow.

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