You have to find and live your own
divine dream, you cannot find
or live someone else's.
Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

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Hypnotique Hypnotherapy

Hypnotique Hypnotherapy® with Franchelle

In person or via Skype
1 session x 60 minutes - NZ$260.00
5 sessions x 60 minutes - NZ$1,300.00

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Experience the transformational power of the Hypnotique Protocol® with a tailor made program especially for you. Whether it is changing something that is holding you back, addressing your self confidence, releasing old stuck habits or realising your potential, Franchelle can help you discover and unlock the limitless power of your subconscious to help you fulfill your stellar potential.

Using advanced hypnotherapy techniques

The Hypnotique Protocol® is a cutting edge methodology that works with specialised knowledge of the human mind, advanced and sophisticated hypnosis techniques, neural pathways in the brain and the power and intelligence of nature to change established behaviours, habits and thought patterns.

Break through barriers and break free

You will embark on a revolutionary five stage program that will enable you to breakthrough, breakout and breakfree from anything in consciousness that has held you back from successfully advancing and moving on in life.

  • • Are you stuck?
  • • Do you need to break out of old habits and old ways of doing things?
  • • Is there something holding you back?

Many people feel that they are ‘stuck’ and cannot move forward in life. They feel like they have hit a brick wall and are unable to move on.

  • • Self-image and confidence
  • • Stress and anxiety
  • • Fears and phobias
  • • Sleep disorders
  • • Weight management
  • • Virtual Gastric Band
  • • Grief and loss
  • • Pain release
  • • Public speaking
  • • Personal development and motivation
  • • Regression – past life therapy
  • • Sport motivation and improvement

If you feel that something is preventing you from moving into the next phase of your life irrespective of whether you know what it is or not, Franchelle can help you with the Hypnotique Protocol® program. This five stage program can help you move beyond whatever you feel is holding you back in consciousness.

The Hypnotique Protocol® is life changing

Let Franchelle create the perfect tailor made program that is perfectly suited to you. After an initial consultation a carefully constructed five part program is created just for you.

Also includes complimentary:

•  One or more First Light® New Zealand native flower essence blends will be specifically created for you during this program to support physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance.

(Click on Book appointment to be directed to the Hypnotique Hypnotherapy booking page)

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