You have to find and live your own
divine dream, you cannot find
or live someone else's.
Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

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Astrology Chart Insight


"I recently had the privilege of experiencing a one to one, private session with Franchelle, and am moved to share the following… I found Franchelle's reading for me, which was mainly based around my astrological chart that she had compiled prior to my arrival, to be highly revealing and informative. In that short space of time, she highlighted and shed light on two major areas of my life's journey that gave me totally credible keys to doors that had previously remained closed to me. Her clarity, compassionate understanding and wisdom made my time with her a precious gift of nurturing to my personal journey and quest. With loving and respectful awareness, I would seriously recommend you give her work serious consideration as a sacred gift to yourself.”

— Robert James Haywood, Music Medicine Man, Author, Animal Wisdom Sensitive an International Workshop Facilitator

“I have had the honor of receiving combined astrology readings and spiritual guidance from Franchelle since I was 25. I experienced surprising and life altering results - for example when I was financially struggling and directionless in my career she told me to go into business, which I did and was able to create a 6-figure business in a highly competitive field in record time. Previously I had no desire to be an entrepreneur but now I train other people to create thriving businesses as well and I love it. My inner life has also flourished - I feel mentally, emotionally and spiritually cleansed and revived and fully capable of meeting whatever challenge life presents with love and awareness. I highly recommend Franchelle's work for any challenges you may be facing or for new levels of clarity even if your life feels totally on track!”

— Kylie Slavik, Co-founder of ThirdEyeSpoken, USA

Astrological Reading

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1 session x 60 minutes
In person or via Skype

Discover what secrets lie hidden in your astrological chart and what the planets have to say about your life situation right now. Receive deep insight into yourself and your life from your astrological chart. Questions can be answered and you will come to a greater level of understanding about yourself and the opportunities that lie ahead.

Understanding the Secrets of Your Chart

In this session Franchelle will reveal deep insight about yourself and your life from the information held in your astrological chart. Through looking at the most important features of your chart you will come to an understanding of the current situation you are in and what resources, natural skills and options are available to you.

You will be shown in a clear way what the planets are saying through their alignment and how to work powerfully with them, now and in the months ahead. An enlightening session that will broaden your understanding and ability to work with astrologically forces in your everyday life.

Also includes complimentary:

•  A First Light® New Zealand native flower essence blend will be specifically created for you during this session to support physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance.

Please Note:

Appointments start and finish on time. Please read the Appointment policy

Due to high demand, you may not be able to have an appointment with Franchelle immediately. Please use the calendar below to secure the closest available appointment. If required, you can request an earlier appointment by emailing If there is an appointment cancellation we will get in touch with you.

For pressing support, you can order a custom made flower essence blend thatwill be personally selected for you by Franchelle based on your astrological chart and/or your situation. Click here to submit a brief summary and order your custom blend.


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